My Students

I’m grateful to my students for allowing me to share these comments and photos.

“In my first class a classmate said, ‘This is my happy place.’ Surrounded by people I didn’t know, with numerous physical and medical issues, about to do something foreign to me, and worried I’d fail miserably, I had no idea what she could have meant. Now I do. Thursday yoga class is now my happy place. Once a week, I find myself in a safe space where, for about 1.5 hours, I don’t feel judged. I actually forget while I’m in class how much I have grown to dislike my body, and have even found moments where I’ve been able to appreciate bits and pieces of myself. If you are considering signing up for Susan’s class, I highly encourage you to do so. You’ll find a community of supportive humans who want the best for you. And I bet your weekly Curvy Yoga class will become your happy place too.” –Gretchen P

“I have just come from a wonderful yoga class taught by Susan. Lovely rhythm, joy and twinkle in her eyes.  Several variations given with each pose, easily, concisely, and helpfully.  A pleasure to partake in her gift of teaching!  Thank you Susan.” –Kirk

“I started my yoga practice at 65 and have enjoyed it immensely! Susan is an incredible teacher. She is kind, caring and intuitive. The community that has been created in each of the classes is so special and unique, I have met many strong wonderful women and plan on continuing yoga for many years to come!” –Sally M

“I am starting my fourth year of Curvy Yoga, twice a week. If anyone really knows me, they know I don’t much like exercise of any kind. That being said, I LOVE Susan’s classes! I have spinal issues and since starting her classes, I have less pain. As long as Susan teaches these classes and I’m able, I’ll attend!!! Thank you Susan!” –Sandy D

“Your class is the first time IN MY LIFE that I am able to be present and stop hating my body or doing negative self talk. I am SO very grateful to Curvy Yoga, to you and to the class.” –Amy Lee

“There are so many things I like about Susan’s class! It’s great that no matter what size a person may be or what physical limitations one might have, this class is accepting and helpful to all. Having props is a bonus, but Susan’s understanding of how to use them is most comforting. It’s a class with no pressure but rather acceptance for all.” –Deb C

“Susan is able to spot the smallest grimace on my face or wobble in my third left toe, and she’ll immediately offer a modification that will make each pose safe for my body. Not only does she have years of experience, but she is a beautiful human who is unafraid to be vulnerable. I am so thankful I landed in Susan’s class.” –Gretchen P

“Susan’s Curvy Yoga classes are works of art.  I am continually amazed by the way Susan crafts each class carefully, with attention to the details that integrate the poses with themes — such as gratitude and self-compassion — so that each piece of the class fits seamlessly with the others to create a beautifully woven cloth of yoga practice.” –Deborah S

“I am absolutely in love with this Curvy Yoga class. It’s the one moment in my busy week that I can truly make time for myself. Susan is a wonderful teacher who instills a sense of peace into her students and makes them look forward to coming each week. Susan is very patient, kind, and non-judgmental. She pushes each person to be the best version of themselves and complete each exercise in a way that is comfortable for their bodies. Not only is Susan a great teacher, but the fellow students are also fantastic. Everyone is supportive and inclusive, and I felt like a part of the group as soon as I entered. I look forward to continuing my journey with this wonderful group.” –Julia T.

“The beginning and ending class meditations are something I particularly like because my brain never shuts up and it is good to remind me that, with a little effort, it can actually happen! The people that attend the class are all wonderful and really supportive of each other, not only in our class environment but in our personal lives as well.” –Deb C

“When I started in Curvy Yoga last year, I didn’t think I could get down to the floor, much less back up. Now, not only can I get up and down from the floor (!!) I feel SO much better. I can do so many little things that I had stopped doing years ago: get on my hands and knees to look for something under a bed; bend forward to put conditioner on the ends of my hair; even stretch ‘just because it feels good’ while stuck at my desk for hours. I can even squat and pee in the woods if I need to! I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for your class, your gentleness, and your encouragement. It quite literally has changed my life.” –Linda P